How Do Counselling and Psychotherapy Help Highly Sensitive Persons?

image-of-sensitive-personAre you sensitive to criticism? Do you feel extremely hurt with feedback and it feels like a direct attack on you? Then we can help you out with therapy and counselling.

The reason a person develops sensitivity to criticism is that they do not have a strong sense of self. Therefore, they quickly absorb negative evaluations of themselves as true. It is tough to accept negative evaluations of yourself and still feel good about you. Without a strong sense of self, criticism cannot be taken as just feedback and cannot be shrugged off as untrue. These are the many reasons why criticism or feedback hurts a sensitive person.

What we at Type a Thought do within counselling and therapy is that work on the self-esteem and self-confidence of the client. Many times, we find out that due to harsh or neglectful parenting, the client as a child started to have many negative assumptions about himself or herself. These concretized more and more as the person grew up, and ended up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The low self-esteem would show in the body language and way of talking about the person, and this would make them easy targets for manipulation and dominance or bullying by mean people. This, in return, would confirm the notions the client has about himself or herself.

We try to break this vicious cycle by first helping the person vent during counselling sessions. The next step is to identify what is and is not in our control. Is changing the past in your control? No. So, we help you to accept the patterns that came from your past, but we help you to change them so that you can function more fully. Once the cognitive steps are taken, we also help with behavioral training and assertiveness skills in order to change social interactions. Gradually, as you develop a stronger sense of self and have higher levels of confidence, you will develop a thick skin against criticism as well.

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